universal biometric device for secure access
to facilities, computers and networks

Proof of identity is the key to secure access control. The plusID universal biometric device uses a unique physical attribute — a fingerprint — to verify the identity of individuals seeking access to facilities and proprietary data. plusID's built-in fingerprint reader and secure on-board storage and matching of the fingerprint template maintain its user's personal privacy, while its numerous interfaces make it "out of the box" compatible with most installed security infrastructure. plusID is a simple, cost-effective means of significantly enhancing both physical and IT security.


  1. Verification everywhere it's required — one device replaces multiple access cards, fobs and passwords.
  2. Works wherever industry standard proximity, contact or contactless smart cards, and one-time password systems are used; allows for rapid integration without replacing existing infrastructure — no middleware, wiring or coding required.
  3. Protects user's privacy while eliminating the risk and expense of collecting and protecting biometric data — fingerprint templates securely stored and matched on the device, not in a database.
  4. Permits a partial biometric deployment, for select employees or areas.
  5. Satisfies audit requirements with positive, non-repudiable identity verification.
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