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Visitor & Volunteer Identity Management Solutions

FAST-PASS® increases security at hospitals, tracking both visitors and vendors who enter. FAST-PASS is the perfect solution for Healthcare facilities to streamline their visitor sign-in system. Information from the visitor's drivers license is immediately downloaded into a database and the visitor’s picture is then taken and printed on a Visitor Pass in seconds. Along with the photo, the person's name and area or room to be visited is prominently displayed as well as the pass expiration and bar code for automated exiting. The system is easy for your security officer or volunteer to use while maintaining the open feel that hospitals desire without any hindrance to the flow of commerce.


Hialeah Hospital security guard

“Prior to FAST-PASS I was required to write down an individual’s name(first,last) driver license no, where they were going to in the hospital on a log sheet and then turn around and write their name on a badge and location” at the end of the day my fingers would hurt. Today, my fingers love FAST-PASS and if it was a women, I would marry it”

Women’s Center @Medical Center of McKinney l OB/ GYN Secretary

“Previously visitors had to manually write everything into a log sheet, then the desk assistant would initial the entry and provide a wristband to the visitor, the visitors would be agitated. Now no issue asking for a driver license and capturing a photo and providing a badge. Today we have a better environment.”

Women’s Center @ Medical Center of Arlington security guard

“Previously used a self enrollment badge system where the individuals would sign in by themselves and put factious names with no accountability”. “FAST-PASS has made the process simple and easy” “Younger individuals feel safer with the new security measures while elders are cautious to present Id’s but eventually understand the security measures”.

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