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Cruise Lines & Maritime Solutions

Visitor & Identity Management Solutions


Installed on more than 100 ships worldwide, A-PASS® has processed over 170 million passengers and crew since it has become the standard for marine safety and security in the Cruise Line Industry. The patented system is compliant with SOLAS and APIS regulations that require cruise lines to screen and identify passengers, crew and contractors onboard. Using bar-code technologies, the system provides rapid processing and real-time accounting using a unique photo identification process for embarkation, safety and security applications.


A-PASS MOBILE is the next generation of total ship management for marine safety and security. Leading the industry with the latest in passenger and crew identity management technology, this new wireless product meets the IMO, Coast Guard, and CBP compliance requirements for Mustering, Tendering and Immigration Clearance operations. The patent pending system provides authorities and ship management with the mobile flexibility to conduct screening and clearance inspections of crew, passengers and visitors on land as well as at sea.

FAST-PASS® Mobile Identification Unit (MIU)

FAST-PASS® MIU is a mobile identification system designed for rapid deployment and operation under adverse field conditions. Housed in a rugged water resistant transportable case, the MIU contains a water resistant high performance tablet PC, dock, keyboard, weather proof camera, printer, ID card reader and a power distribution system that can be deployed and operational in minutes.

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