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GOV-PASS® is the Security Identification Industry’s only Visitor Management system that can thoroughly comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive(HSPD) 12 to verify the identity of individuals gaining access to government facilities.

As recent events prompt a need for greater security, the government sector has recognized visitor management as the frontline in identifying, controlling and tracking individuals gaining access to official facilities.

Since 1994 Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO) has been dedicated to developing “best in class” leading edge solutions for credentialing and tracking visitors which are compliant with new legislation. With GOV-PASS®, SISCO has created the only Visitor Management system that delivers this robust a level of comprehensive credentialing, live.

Capable of reading data embedded into numerous forms of government-issued identification cards (PIV, CAC, FRAC, TWIC, etc.) GOV-PASS® confirms that the card presented is FIPS compliant (Federal Information Processing Standard.) The cardholder enters a PIN # which opens up data from the card’s smart chip including an embedded photo of the cardholder for a visual match. Further verification of the visitor’s identity is done by utilization of a fingerprint reader.

From there, all data collected is sent to a Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) for final verification and to confirm that the individual’s vetting and access privileges are still valid and that credentials have not been revoked. Further, GOV-PASS® integrates the results of this exercise directly into the facility’s access control system so the card has specific rights and restrictions within the facility.

SISCO provides world-class security products and services using state-of-the-art technologies and integrated security solutions for an ever changing government environment.

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