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FAST-PASS® is the Industry Leader in Electronic Identity and Visitor Management Systems that rapidly identifies, captures and logs visitors, volunteers, employees and vendors. The FAST-PASS system can cross check Criminal, Sex Offender, and Internal Watch lists. Once cleared, a photo badge is instantly printed designating expiration and final destination. The system is easy to use and completes the process in seconds without any hindrance to the flow of commerce. Additionally, the system generates an electronic audit trail of all activity that can be printed, emailed or stored for later retrieval for management or investigative reports. FAST-PASS acts as a front line deterrent, eliminating the opportunity for undesirables to act on their intentions.

US Patent 6,394,356

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Do you know who is in your building?

Recent events demand the need for greater security which could not be more important than it is today. As a result the public and private sectors recognize the need for additional security and they have identified visitor management as an essential front line protection in controlling and tracking individuals gaining access to their facilities.

Since 1994 SISCO has been dedicated to developing, “best in class” leading edge solutions for credentialing and tracking the general public that is compliant with new legislation. SISCO provides world-class security products and services using state-of-the-art technologies and integrated security solutions for our ever changing business environment.

FAST-PASS is your frontline protection!

FAST-PASS is the solution of choice for Cruise Lines, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Corporations, Military, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. SISCO Identity Management Systems offer a variety of features and benefits that are tailored to meet the specific security needs of each customers.

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