SISCO's A-PASS® Mobile

A-PASS Mobile™

The Next Generation of Ship Management Now Goes Mobile!

Using the latest in wireless handheld technology, this new product meets IMO, Coast Guard and CBP compliance requirements for Mustering, Tendering, and Immigration Clearance. As an option for A-PASS 6, the A-PASS Mobile system provides complete mobility to conduct clearance inspections and shore side tendering operations, for example. The new Mobile Guard Station, designed to supplement Guard Station Kiosk operations, provides a portable and scalable method for quickly processing passengers, thus reducing long lines at the gangway. The ID Check Age Verification feature offers positive photo identification for the disco or lounge as well.

A-PASS Mobile Applications

  • Mobile Guard Station
  • Immigration Clearance
  • Mustering
  • Tendering (shoreside with offline mode)
  • ID Check Age Verification
  • Passenger Search
  • Crew Tracking
  • Triage Tracking
  • Excursion/Event Tracking (coming soon)
  • Child Care Registration (coming soon)

Using a dock or wireless networking, all data is automatically synchronized with a central server through a proprietary data replication system, providing up-to-the-minute accountability and real-time web reporting. The system also features a new Web Management module for custom reports and centralized administration of the mobile units. Since the server software has built-in redundancy running on a wireless tablet PC with ad hoc networking capabilities, the entire system is truly portable for real emergency situations. This is especially important when full accountability for passengers and crew is needed anytime, anywhere.


Age Check Immigration Guard
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Mustering Mustering Policy Request Demo
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