Introducing A-PASS® 6 -
Not Just for the Gangway Anymore!

Re-engineered from the ground floor up, the new A-PASS 6 system is the next generation of ship management for marine safety and security. While providing many new and improved features over the original A-PASS Classic, many new safety and security options are now available. For example, the new Visitor Registration module allows embarkation operations to be streamlined by capturing visitor photos in the terminal or preprinting visitor cards. With the new Corporate Badging Module, badges can be generated shore side and managed centrally to ensure personnel have proper fleet-wide clearance and preauthorization.

New A-PASS 6 System Features

  • Access Control with Activity Tracking
  • Bulk Messaging (text and audio)
  • Corporate Badging
  • Immigration Web Module
  • New Device Support (for DL, Passport, and Biometric devices)
  • Visitor Registration Module (for in-terminal photo and document capture)
  • Web Management (for centralized system administration and custom reports)
  • Child Care Registration (coming soon)
  • Vendor Preauthorization (coming soon)

Based on Microsoft .NET technology, the new A-PASS 6 uses the latest in software architecture, web technology, and industry standard protocols. Utilizing SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) through Web Services, the system ensures seamless integration and interoperability with other shipboard systems. Employing the latest identity management technology, the product now supports a wide variety of new device options including DL, Passport, and Biometric to automate passenger check-in and provide positive passenger identification.

“My wife and I just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Inspiration with four of our teenage granddaughters. Had a wonderful time. And for me, it was especially rewarding to see the A-Pass system in use. It was flawless and convenient. I couldn't help pointing it out to our granddaughters and anyone else who was interested. No matter where we go from here it is very satisfying to know that you and your staff have made cruising on the open seas much safer and easier”. - George Domm


US Patent 6,801,907

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