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Since 1994, SISCO has been dedicated to developing best-in-class Visitor Management solutions for credentialing and tracking the general public, that are compliant with new legislation. SISCO provides world-class security products and services using state-of-the-art technologies and integrated security solutions for our ever changing business environment.


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Thermal Fever Detection System

ThermalPass Specification Sheet

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Contactless Registration with Thermal Camera

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A-PASS Marine Safety New Applications

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The A-PASS Lifeboat Out of Service (LBOoS) module supports high-level decision making when abandoning the vessel.
  • Powerful decision support tool for rapidly & safely evacuating a ship in an emergency
  • Automatically suggests where to move resources and passengers when a survival craft is no longer available
  • Facilitates efficient filing of an emergency plan with the vessel's flag state
  • Four Views: Assigned, Checked, Assigned Actions, Checked-in Actions with real time information to the Bridge
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The A-PASS Suspicious Item Search Plan, is a New and Rapid method of scanning and clearing areas on vessels through Mobile PDA technology.
  • Rapid search of areas for suspicious items such as explosives, chemical and biological threats
  • Assists crew in performing a rapid methodical search electronically for missing persons
  • View progress in real time on a graphic display
  • Replaces inaccurate and cumbersome manual process
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This Mobile Mustering module provides rapid accountability during a drill or actual emergency.
  • Supports decision making when to abandon ship or during any emergency that requires full accountability
  • Electronically tracks who is missing to allow resources to search and locate missing persons
  • More efficient than paper mustering, automatic reconciliation and compliance reports
  • From Muster to Life Boat in minutes
  • SOLAS - US Coast Guard Compliant

B-DAY In June of 1994 SISCO was born. Today we celebrate a milestone, 25 years of leadership in putting your safety first . We are stronger than ever thanks to our staff, clients, partners and friends for contributing to our continuous success. A company is as strong as all of its players; and SISCO is proud to have the best players in its team. We could not have done it without you! Happy 25th Anniversary SISCO!

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Visitor Management Solutions

SISCO is the leading provider of Visitor Management Solutions for the Maritime industry, Education, Healthcare, Corporations, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. SISCO's Visitor Management Systems offer a variety of features and benefits that are tailored to meet the specific security requirements of each industry, and we provide the most comprehensive solution available today. SISCO offers superior solutions, expert installation, comprehensive training and unsurpassed customer service which in turn provides you the frontline protection for a safer working environment!

In light of recent tragedies involving. active shooters on multiple school campuses please view a practical response video produced by Rock Valley College. Click here for full video.

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