The Company

Founded in 1994 and located in West Palm Beach Florida, Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO) is the pioneer in developing leading edge Visitor and Identity Management Solutions. Initially our systems were designed for the cruise lines to track passengers and crew on and off a ship. Our A-PASS® system soon became the Industry Standard for every modern cruise line which has processed over 170 million plus passengers and crew since its introduction.

Applying the expertise gained in the cruise line industry, SISCO developed FAST-PASS® to provide state-of-the-art Identity Management solutions for credentialing the general public. FAST-PASS is a high speed, interactive, automated photo registration, data acquisition, ID document imaging and authentication system to track visitors, contractors, vendors, volunteers and employees as they enter and exit facilities and businesses. FAST-PASS is the most comprehensive system available today and is the solution of choice for Education, Healthcare, Multi-Tenant Buildings, Law Enforcement and Government.

SISCO continues to embrace emerging technologies and we make a significant investment in R&D to be positioned for future growth. This year we launched the next generation of FAST-PASS and A-PASS Mobile wireless hand-held Identity Management Solutions. We are committed to be the leader in Identity Management Systems by providing innovative solutions, expert installation, comprehensive training and superior customer service.

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